Dark Phoenix looks cliched as hell in its final trailer

Dark Phoenix | Final Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX

Fox has unleashed the final trailer for Dark Phoenix and I’m not really sure what to say. Maybe the footage used for the trailer was cut to look cliche, but this is some really sloppy writing. How many stories are we going to get where “good” characters turn “evil” because they enjoy the metamorphosis? Is there really nothing original to do with the concept anymore?

I’ll come out and say that I’m not a particular fan of the current crop of X-Men films. While I’m not exactly happy that Disney is creating a massive monopoly of creative IPs, Fox has been squandering its opportunities to make solid X-Men films for nearly a decade. Logan was a fluke and even Deadpool is more down to the passion of its cast and crew than executive decisions. This main series has just been getting progressively worse as it goes along.

At least after this, Marvel will regain control of the X-Men and integrate them into the MCU. I’m not sure we’ll see that happen for a few years, but the end result has to be better than this. If you’re still interested, Dark Phoenix will be hitting theaters on June 7, 2019.

Peter Glagowski
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