Dark Tower close to landing Nikolaj Arcel as director


It appears that we once again may have a director to kick-off the incredibly ambitious Dark Tower film and TV series. Sony picked up production and even though we’ve been here before it feels real this time.

Danish director Nikolaj Arcel, possibly best known for co-writing the screenplay for the Swedish version Girl With the Dragon Tatoo and directing A Royal Affair. He’s currently got plenty of English projects coming up, but word is that Sony is all in on bringing him in to both rewrite the current script and direct at least the first film in what is to be an epic franchise featuring both multiple films and a TV series.

[via Deadline]


Arcel is a massive Stephen King fan and learned English just so he could read his books. That’s enough to get me excited for him coming on, but it’s also great that we know he can do dark and disturbing very well. What may be a challenge is helmming a giant project like this one. It isn’t easy to keep an entire universe going so we’ll have to see if he can handle it. 

Hopefully he’ll take some of our advice.

Matthew Razak
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