Darren Aronofsky and George Clooney eyeing sci-fi flick


After he dropped out of The Wolverine a couple of months ago due to production issues, many people were wondering what Darren Aronofsky’s next project would be. Apparently, he’s set his sights on a fifteen-year-old spec script for a science fiction film called Human Nature. The plot involves a cryogenically frozen man who wakes up to a world where humans are the pets of another species. Hopefully the fact that the script was ignored for fifteen years is not a bad omen, but since Jeff Welsh, the screenwriter, has not done anything of note, it could really go either way.

George Clooney is allegedly going for the starring role, possibly because he’d like to be an alien’s pet. I mean, it doesn’t sound that bad, does it? I guess it depends on whether humans are house cats or purse Chihuahuas.

[via Collider, via Vulture]