Darren Aronofsky directs four new anti-meth PSAs


How many times have you been talking about Requiem for a Dream and someone has made the joke that if you want kids to stay off drugs you should just screen the movie in health class. Of course that’s not really plausible for a variety of reasons (ass to ass springs to mind), but The Meth Project Foundation thought the same thing and hired Requiem’s director Darren Aronofsky to make some PSAs for them. A few hit the web back in February, but there are now four more and these are really well done.

The ads center around the horrors that a meth addiction can wrought and are incredibly well done. The slow pulls from a closeup on someone’s face to their shocking surroundings work wonderfully and I love the questions theme. While the ads obviously can’t be as shocking or well done as Reqium Aronofsky has done a fantastic job none the less. The one above is the one that most disturbed me, but all four (the rest are below) are pretty eye opening.

Also, check out The Meth Project’s YouTube page where they have a whole host of famous directors doing PSAs.

[Vulture, via The Playlist]

Meth Project Official Ad - Desperate

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