David Ayer may direct a Suicide Squad movie


David Ayer is one of my favorite folks in the business right now. Although he’s only directed a few films (most notably End of Watch and the upcoming WWII tank film, Fury), he’s a great screenwriter who’s really put in the work. He’s especially great at creating notable characters and his focus on the smaller interactions between them is truly something. Which is why him handling WB/DC’s adaptation of the Suicide Squad is such a good idea (unless they really do forbid jokes).

The Suicide Squad is a rotating lineup of six DC supervillains that get roped into secret military operations, and DC’s been trying to get a film off the ground since 2011. According to THR, Warner Bros has been looking for directors this year (probably to fill in one of its NINE planned films) and David Ayer is circling the project. It’s not set in stone, but I can’t help be excited over the prospect. Ever see that Batman: Assault on Arkham animated movie? Imagine a big budget version of that, and you’ll know why I’m so pumped right now. We’ll keep you posted. 

[via THR]