David Ayer would like to release a director’s cut of Suicide Squad on HBO Max


The recent news that Justice League’s fabled “Snyder Cut” would be getting released seems to have inspired the internet to do some good for once. In a recent discussion between Collider and director David Ayer, the Suicide Squad helmer showed some interest in creating a special director’s cut of the critically panned (but Academy Award-winning) film that would stick more closely to his vision.

Collider’s Steve Weintraub basically got Ayer to co-sign a pitch that might be taken to Warner Bros. in the near future. As Ayer has stated numerous times over the years, studio executives cut his film to pieces and stitched it back together like some Frankenstein’s monster. The version he envisioned has “never been seen,” which be believes would completely reverse public perception around the film.

I’m not sure if that would be the case, but I do believe that Suicide Squad’s biggest problems were with narrative consistency. The plot seemed to jump around from point to point with no logical link, leading to an unsatisfying conclusion and truly awkward characters. At least in this case, I’d actually be interested in seeing the #AyerCut.

David Ayer Ready for “Incredibly Cathartic” Release of His ‘Suicide Squad‘ Cut on HBO Max [Collider]

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