David Duchovny wants new X-Files movie against all logic


Another day, another X-Files alum talking up the possibility of a third movie despite the last one, I Want To Believe, failing to recoup even half its production budget at the box-office. This time it’s ‘Spooky’ Mulder himself, David Duchovny, saying he doesn’t understand why Fox aren’t developing the property as a homegrown action franchise, rather than spending big on superhero franchises. Perhaps because, his cited Green Lantern example aside, well-made comic book adaptations are a licence to print money, whereas all enthusiasm for The X-Files petered out a good thirteen years ago?

I adore The X-Files and still watch it whenever it’s repeated on television, but its time has passed. Not to mention that the series explicitly set its mythology’s end date as (you guessed it) December 21st 2012, when the earth would be colonised and not even the shadow conspirators could do anything to stop it. Unless this oft-mooted third X-Files movie can be scripted, filmed, edited and released between now and December, the story won’t make a scrap of sense within the series’ established perameters, short of setting it in the weirdly near past. This is one X-File which should stay unexplored.

[via Collider]