David Fincher could have made an interesting Spider-Man


I never realized that David Fincher actually considered making a Spider-Man reboot. Seriously. Blows my mind. Of course, I guess I can’t really talk, because his Oscar buzz project this year is an Americanization of an adaptation of a Swedish mystery that folks have been lining up to read for the past few years. Anyway, he discussed, briefly, with io9 about some of his plans for the film, which he inevitably turned down to make Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

He seems to have the same thought on superhero origin stories that I do: they suck. He imagines the entire early Spider-Man history, from nerdy high school days to radioactive spider bites to Uncle Ben croaking, as a music video, recapping the entire story over the credits sequence. Hit the jump to see his full quote. Fascinating stuff really. What do you guys think of what a David Fincher Spider-Man could have been?

[Via io9]

My impression what Spider-Man could be is very different from what Sam [Raimi] did or what Sam wanted to do. I think the reason he directed that movie was because he wanted to do the Marvel comic superhero. I was never interested in the genesis story. I couldn’t get past a guy getting bit by a red and blue spider. It was just a problem… It was not something that I felt I could do straight-faced. I wanted to start with Gwen Stacy and the Green Goblin, and I wanted to kill Gwen Stacy.

The title sequence of the movie that I was going to do was going to be a ten minute — basically a music video, an opera, which was going to be the one shot that took you through the entire Peter Parker [backstory]. Bit by a radio active spider, the death of Uncle Ben, the loss of Mary Jane, and [then the movie] was going to begin with Peter meeting Gwen Stacy. It was a very different thing, it wasn’t the teenager story. It was much more of the guy who’s settled into being a freak.