David Fincher may still direct Paramount’s delayed World War Z sequel


Paramount Pictures recently killed off the Friday the 13th reboot and delayed World War Z 2: The Zquel. As they figure out how to rework and retool World War Z 2 for a potential 2018 or 2019 release, there are rumors that David Fincher may still direct the film.

Over at The Hollywood Reporter/Heat Vision, sources have told them that Fincher is still creatively interested in the movie and would like to direct it. Fincher’s World War Z sequel would have a smaller budget than the original, which cost $190 million. If WWZ2 gets made, it would be the fourth time Fincher worked with Brad Pitt. So, spoilers–I guess Brad Pitt’s character lives.

Fincher’s clout could elevate the movie from schlock to watchable, and apparently the choice is mostly on Paramount at this point. They may be cagey about certain projects after the abysmal failure of Rings (which was so bad that our own Nick Valdez refuses to review it) and the poor performance of Monster Trucks, a costly boondoggle made because the former President of Paramount had a 4-year-old child who liked monster trucks. This is not a joke.

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[via THR/Heat Vision]

Hubert Vigilla
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