David Goyer The Breach adaptation picked up by Lionsgate


While David Goyer might be well known for his prolific comic book screenwriting career (Man of Steel, Batman movies, Blade) his directing hasn’t really been that prolific. His last effort, The Unborn, was a middling horror film. However, that doesn’t seem to matter to Lionsgate who has picked up the Goyer directed The Breach, and sci-fi adaptation of the 2009 book of the same name.

Goyer has had the property, which looks to be a trilofy, for a year, but it just got picked up last Friday night. The story involves a corrupt ex-cop who discovers a crashed plane in the wilderness. Aliens, secret societies and the first lady are all involved. Thanks to Goyer’s cred from the DC tent pole superhero films he’ll probably get pretty free rain with this so we’ll have to see if he can handle more than just the writing duties on what could be a major blockbuster. 

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