David Lynch and Federico Fellini’s Birthdays are Today!


On this day both David Lynch and Federico Fellini were born! Happy birthday to two of the most legendary filmmakers in cinematic history.


David Lynch, born in 1946, is now 76 years old and still faithfully uploading onto his YouTube channel every day. In 2020 he teased the idea of making another film if it weren’t for the pandemic, according to IndieWire. Fans of Lynch, or anyone that wants to check out his library of work, can stream some of his movies/shorts/shows on Netflix, Showtime, Starz, and The Criterion Channel.

Federico Fellini, born in Italy in 1920, is influential for his contributions to Italian cinema and the Neorealism movement. His film 8 1/2 (1963) currently sits at the Number 10 spot for “Greatest Films of All Time” on the BFI’s Sight and Sound list. 8 1/2 and his 1954 film La Strada are both available for streaming on HBO Max. Other films of his are available to watch through The Criterion Channel!



Sophia Schrock
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