David Lynch to co-write a memoir/biography titled Life & Work


The new season of Twin Peaks is currently in production and should be out next year on Showtime. The series (which is basically a very long Twin Peaks movie) will mark a major return by David Lynch, whose last feature film was 2006’s Inland Empire.

In addition to the new Twin Peaks season, Lynch will also be co-writing a book with Kristine McKenna called Life & Work. Part-memoir and part-biography, the book will cover David Lynch’s… life and work. (Duh.) McKenna has interviewed 90 of Lynch’s friends, family members, and associates for the book. As of now it’s unclear how the memoir and biographical material will be combined. Life & Work will be released in 2017.

Lynch said the following of Life & Work:

There’s a lot of bullshit out there about me, in books and all over the Internet. I want to get all the right information in one place, so if someone wants to know something, they can find it here. And I wouldn’t do it with anyone other than Kristine; she and I go way back, and she gets it right.

(Lynch still probably won’t reveal how they did the baby in Eraserhead.)

If the book and show weren’t enough, David Lynch is also starting a film school that is now taking applications. The MA program is being offered at the Maharashi University of Management, which was founded by Transcendental Meditation founder Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. (David Lynch loves Transcendental Meditation as much as he does coffee.) Lynch lent his name to the program, and while not the primary lecturer/instructor, he will be there part-time and offer special presentations to students.

In a perfect world, the David Lynch MA in Film would start a football rivalry with Werner Herzog’s Rogue Film School.

There’s loads of David Lynch ahead with the new year. So prepare, friends: 2016 and 2017 begins the Lynch-naissance™.

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