David Lynch writing a new David Lynch movie


It’s been seven years since Inland Empire, David Lynch’s last feature-length film. Since then, Lynch has been doing short films, branding coffee, painting, making guest appearances on TV shows, and doing transcendental meditation. (He’s probably been eating at Bob’s Big Boy too.)

According to a profile on Lynch in The New York Times Magazine, Lynch is now at work on a new script. Claire Hoffman, the writer of the profile, found this out through Bob Roth, one of the people associated with the transcendental meditation group. Here’s the key excerpt from the profile:

A few months later, I reached Lynch by phone at his hotel room in Paris. Bob Roth had told me that Lynch said he was working on a new script and that it was typically dark. When I asked Lynch about this, he paused, annoyed. “Bobby’s got a big mouth,” he said. I asked him if the script was influenced by his work with [transcendental meditation], and he said no, absolutely not. This will be a David Lynch picture, he said, adding, “I think people would probably recognize it.”

Obviously this new movie could be some years off, but it’s good to know that Lynch has got some new material to work with.

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Hubert Vigilla
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