David O. Russell attached to Russ Meyer biopic


Flixist ran our first Cult Club article on Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill! last month following the death of the film’s star Tura Satana. Fox Searchlight look to be following our lead by revealing that they are planning on buying the rights to director Russ Meyer’s deliciously titled biography Big Bosoms And Square Jaws: The Biography Of Russ Meyer, King Of The Sex Film with the intention of turning it into a biopic directed by Fighter helmsman David O. Russell and written by Merritt Johnson, Russell’s assistant on Three Kings.

Meyer died in 2004 and his life story has ample material to make a fascinating film. He started out as a combat cameraman in World War II, before working as a Playboy photographer and then moving into the sexploitation film industry, where he collaborated with then-screenwriter Roger Ebert. He’s most fondly remembered among cult film fans for his voluptuous stars and satirical sense of humour, but was also one of the finest editors America has ever produced, bringing an artistic precision and auteur’s vision to the most lowbrow of genres. As Collider point out, David O. Russell is attached to an awful lot of projects right now so there’s no guarantee he’ll actually sign on, but someone with his slightly off-kilter sensibilities could be a good fit for finding the right tone (I’d suggest staying true to Meyer’s raunchy comedies) to pay tribute to one of the all-time great cult filmmakers.

[via Collider]