David S. Goyer bails on directing Masters of the Universe


While he’ll still remain on as a screenwriter and executive producer, David S. Goyer has followed McG in exiting directorial duties for the upcoming He-Man film, Masters of the Universe.

Surprisingly, the announcement hasn’t changed the planned December 18, 2019 release date for the film, so Warner Bros. doesn’t seem super concerned about this change. Goyer had previously directed Blade: Trinity and…some other ones, but it seems like he shines brightest as a writer (Dark Knight trilogy, Blade trilogy, Dark City) and appears to have opted to stick to that instead.

He has reportedly left to focus on his commitment to bringing Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series to television. Hopefully he succeeds, as this is Hollywood’s fourth attempt at a Foundation adaptation in the last few decades. I’m glad he’s at least putting his all into it.

Masters of the Universe Still Needs Director as David S. Goyer Passes [Variety]