David S. Goyer to open the box on Hellraiser reboot


Gear up, BDSM freaks, because it looks like we might finally be getting the Hellraiser reboot we need. Spyglass Media is putting a re-imagining of the horror classic on the fast track with The Dark Knight writer David S. Goyer producing and doing the script.

I’m pretty excited that fans will finally receive a Hellraiser film that might actually be worth watching again. I mean, this hasn’t happened since Hellbound–some people try to defend Hellraiser III, but at it’s best it’s just okay, and that’s nothing to be proud of. We need the pleasure of a glorious new Hellraiser outing complete with fresh leather and chains. This is one franchise with a continuity I certainly don’t mind seeing dissolve.

But is Goyer the guy to bring us a bloody and kinky script worthy of Pinhead? He’s responsible for both the Blade and Dark Knight trilogies, which have their ups and downs, so I’m not sure. Hopefully he’ll be fine, but it’s not the most exciting choice. We’ll get a better sense for where this project is headed once a director is attached.

We also have little news of how attached Clive Barker or Doug Bradley will be, but I have feeling neither will have much to do with the remake.

‘Hellraiser’ Revival in the Works With ‘Dark Knight’ Writer David S. Goyer [Variety]

Kyle Yadlosky
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