Dawn of the Dead sequel is, umm, dead


Remember all those rumblings of a sequel to the Zack Snyder remake of Dawn of the Dead titled Dead Rising 2 Army of the Dead? You know, it’s the one about a father who must traverse through a zombie infested Las Vegas in an effort to rescue his daughter? No? If i were to say “rape zombies”, would that refresh your memory? Still nothing, huh?

Movie Hole had a chance to sit down with The Thing director Matthijs van Heijningen Jr. about the Army of the Dead project that he was developing with Zack Snyder. The follow up to 2004’s Dawn of the Dead was deemed too expensive by Warner Bros. mainly due to the expense of shooting a film (much less a zombie film) in Las Vegas. In other news, van Heijningen Jr. also expressed that he would not like to direct a sequel to The Thing remake if the studios were ever to propose it.

Considering my feelings about the original Dawn of the Dead, it’s remake, and my enthusiasm for the zombie genre in general, I have to say I’m sort of disappointed that this project bit the dust. The zombie genre has grown a bit stale lately and to live in a future where the Resident Evil series is the only game in town, tis a sad future for me. Here’s to hoping that World War Z revitalizes the genre (it probably won’t).

[via Movie Hole]