Day of the Dead series ordered at Syfy


When there are no ideas left in humanity’s skulls, the dead ones shall walk our screens.

So we continue our existence in this cultural hell with yet another reanimated franchise shocked into rotting half-existence by the powers that be. The George A. Romero classic Day of the Dead is going to be dug up as a Syfy series.

This all seems a bit late to me. The Walking Dead ignited a firestorm of interest in the zombie genre when it first aired, but in the following decade it’s not only sprung its own spinoff but seems to be winding toward an inevitable demise. Maybe that makes the timing perfect, since zomboholics will soon require a fresh fix of the green stuff. Maybe, though, it has a bit more to do with Romero’s fairly recent demise making the rights to his work easier to snag.

Day of the Dead has been given a 10 episode straight-to-series order, which makes sense given the popularity of the brand. It will tell the story of six survivors trying to survive the first 24 hours of a zombie invasion. That doesn’t really sound inline with the movie with the exception of zombies, but okay.

This follows Syfy’s ordering of the original-continuity Chucky series and is expected to air on the network sometime in 2021.

‘Day Of The Dead’ & ‘The Surrealtor’ TV Series Ordered By Syfy [Deadline]

Kyle Yadlosky
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