DC Friends: See John Carter early and free


Looks like we’ve got some more movie tickets to give away. This time it’s passes for two for an early screening of John Carter, Disney’s new science fiction blockbuster based on the classic pulp novels. Almost everyone out there is a little wary/excited for this one so seeing it for free and early could make you the most popular guy around. People will flock to you to know whether it’s worth the time and money.

The screening is this coming Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. in the Washington D.C. area (full details for those who win). The movie is rated PG-13 for it’s action and violence so maybe more of a good date nite thing than fun with the kids. To get a pass just get in touch. You can comment below or send a message to us on Twitter (@Flixist or @MatthewRazak), Facebook or email ([email protected]). Make sure to follow us or like us while you’re at it.

We’ve only got 20 so be quick, and please remember that the screenings are first come first serve and cell phones will be collected at the door.

Image: ©2012 Disney. JOHN CARTER™ ERB, Inc.

Matthew Razak
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