DC Friends: Win passes to a screening of Safe


We’ve got another set of passes for you fine folks in the Washington DC area. This time around we have tickets to the new Jason Statham action flick Safe. If you’re a fan of Statham protecting people other people, which is pretty much the entire Transporter series, then you’ll probably dig this one too. We’ve got 25 pairs of tickets to the screening to give away through Gofobo.com.

Below is all the information about the Wednesday, April 25th screening including a code that you put in over at Gofobo.com. Once you make an account and toss that sucker in, and assuming all the passes aren’t gone, you’ll get two admit-one passes for the screening. Then you’ll be most of the way to seeing Statham kick some ass.

The rest of the way is really up to you. You’ll need to get there earlier to make sure you get seats.

Gofobo code is: FLXT2KTH

Screening info:

Wednesday, April 25th
Regal Gallery Place, 707 Seventh Street NW, Washington, DC
7:30 p.m.

Matthew Razak
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