DC is shifting Vertigo comic movies to New Line


Here’s some big news that actually has no bearing on you at the moment. WB is shifting film’s based on DC’s Vertigo line of comics to sister studio New Line Cinemas. This means that the likes of the Sandman film and the Preacher movie will be handled by a different studio than say Superman. 

It makes sense. The Vertigo line was all about pushing boundaries and originally rarely had anything to do with the main DC line of comics so why should the films? New Line as of late has been doing edgier horror and comedy stuff anyway so it makes sense for them as a studio as well. It shouldn’t really effect you as a film goer except what logo you see before the movie and maybe a bit of a smaller budget for these films. 

No word on whether this means that any Vertigo films will take place outside of the DC cinematic universe. 

[via Deadline]

Matthew Razak
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