DC’s New Gods heats up with Tom King tapped to co-write script


Jack Kirby’s Fourth World saga is legendary among the annals of comic book history. Created for DC in the early ’70s following Kirby’s flight from Marvel, his years there gave birth to Greek tragedy by way of cosmic spectacle, dealing predominantly with the eternal war between the New Gods of neighboring planets Apokolips and New Genesis. Guess where the bad guys live?

Kirby’s characters have taken root in DC lore ever since, with countless adaptations and reinterpretations, the latest being a feature film for the DC Extended Universe to be directed by Ava DuVernay (Selma, 13th, A Wrinkle in Time). With her most recent narrative outing being a more-whimsical sci-fi romp than her historical narratives and human rights documentary work, it seems as if she’s cut her teeth and is ready to enter the Fourth World.

Joining her in crafting the cinematic depiction of the likes od Darkseid and Orion is Tom King, someone with a little know-how when it comes to New Gods. King, the current writer on DC’s ongoing Batman series, crafted the incredible limited series Mister Miracle with artist Mitch Gerads. The titular Mister Miracle is a staple character of the Fourth World, and one of the most-iconic New Gods. King’s book reinvented the character under a cerebral, human lens, making him and DuVernay a potent team in forging big-screen drama.

With script work only just starting, it’s unlikely we’ll see much of DC’s New Gods for awhile. But with a solid team at work, it’s a nice thought to keep in the back of your mind.

‘New Gods’ Movie Taps Comic Writer Tom King to Co-Write Screenplay With Ava DuVernay [Slash Film]