DC Universe gives an info dump of upcoming original programming release dates


I’ve been a bad DC Universe fan. Despite having a subscription to DC Comic’s streaming service, I’ve never felt the need to use it once in the past three months. As much as I love that DC is going all in on original programming, remembering to log in weekly to catch up on a single show seems like a hassle, especially when I could just wait until each show’s season wraps and I can just binge it all at once. But at least DC is smart enough to limit their original programming to one every couple of months instead of overwhelming me with a barrage of new shows that I can’t possibly watch all at once. I’d rather have easy to follow content than content that gets lost in the shuffle.

But I may have to start changing my methods once Swamp Thing launches on DC Universe. Between a stellar Alan Moore run and a very enjoyable run by Scott Snyder in the early 2010’s, Swamp Thing is one of the most consistently awesome DC heroes that no one knows about. At Wondercon, DC announced that Swamp Thing will begin to stream weekly on DC Universe starting May 31st. And in case you’re still not sold on watching a show about a guy who can talk to plants, Swamp Thing is usually associated with horror of the Lovecraftian variety that is going to be under the watchful of eye of the very capable James Wan. At the very least, I’ll enjoy seeing some more of Wan’s work.

But that isn’t all of the DC Universe news that came from Wondercon. DC also announced that the second half of Young Justice: Outsiders will begin streaming July 2nd, which should be concurrent with Swamp Thing. Titans will be getting a second season, set to release this fall, around the same time that the animated Harley Quinn show will release. There’s no news regarding when Stargirl will release, though it is weird that it wasn’t mentioned in DC Universe’s 2019 lineup after being mentioned specifically last year. We’ll probably get more info soon, but maybe it was pushed back to 2020? 

Jesse Lab
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