DC Universe’s Suicide Squad breaks out new extended trailer at San Diego Comic-Con


Suicide Squad is ramping up promotions as we near its August 5 release date. As part of that effort, Warner brothers unleashed a new three minute-plus trailer featuring increased roles for several characters (notably, Will Smith’s Deadshot), hints at major plot points (including what the suggested suicide mission may be), and even original scoring featuring the likes of Rick Ross and Lil Wayne.

They also made sure to throw in Margot Robbie’s butt in short shorts walking away from camera at least twice. Apparently, that’s what her character’s good for. I won’t linger too long on that front; it’s an old marketing ploy that’s been employed many times in the trailer business (most famously for me in the marketing of Doomsday with Rhona Mitra back in 2008) and I’m sure I should cast judgement on it, but I genuinely want to like this movie and am trying to look forward to it. Let’s say it’s poor marketing decision making and hope that the movie embraces its better aspects, not just the one female posterior it flaunts.

What was cool, is that they also began to hint at how this will tie into the larger DC Universe that’s being force-fed fast-tracked to audiences by including terms like and allusions to “meta-humans,” the de facto DC equivalent to the Marvel mutant or enhanced. Then too, we know Old Batman, aka Ben Affleck, will be squeezing his way into an appearance as well. This trailer featured less Batman / Joker than others, but that’s OK as I think they’re more a bonus to what we’re here to see (and they’ve been teased plenty already, whereas most of the Suicide Squad have barely been dealt with in footage released until this point. Let’s hope they’re not as glossed over in the film.

Suicide Squad - Official Comic-Con Soundtrack Remix [HD]

Margot Robbie's (Harley Quinn) best walkaway, take 1.

Margot Robbie's (Harley Quinn) best walk-away, take 2.