De Niro and LaBeouf to star in Spy’s Kid


No, no. Not Spy Kids, though that would be kind of awesome in a really horrible way, Spy’s Kid. If the name didn’t tip you off the film, which Paramount just announced will star Robert De Niro and Shia LeBeouf, is a spy movie about a father and son spy duo. Thus LaBeouf will be a spy’s kid — assuming there isn’t some sort of weird time travel thing going on.

The film is based on a true story about a CIA spy who enlisted his son to continue spying after he was put behind bars. With director D.J. Caruso in talks to helm the film the producers are being kind of ballsy describing it as a spy version of Catch Me if You Can. That movie was a classic so they better be delivering with this one if they’re going to come out the gate throwing the name around.

[THR, via Collider]

Matthew Razak
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