DeNiro and Travolta to star in Killing Season


A press release has revealed that Robert De Niro and John Travolta will be facing off against each in a new film directed by Mark Steven Johnson called Killing Season. The movie will put De Niro in the shoes of a military veteran living in the secluded woods. Travolta will be a supposedly friendly tourist who turns up and strikes up a friendship with the ex-solider. However, that wouldn’t be much of an action flick if it ended there. Turns out that Travolta’s character is actually a Serbian solider bent on revenge. The two must then face of mano a mano in the remote wilderness.

Time was if I saw Robert De Niro in an action movie I’d get pretty excited, but after a spate of poor film choices (the latest being Killer Elite) I’m finding it harder and harder to trust him. Travolta wasn’t too bad in his last turn at action, From Paris With Love, but I’ve never trusted him. And then there’s director Mark Steven Johnson whose claims to fame are Daredevil (admittedly the director’s cut was insanely better than the theatrical release) and Ghost Rider (admittedly… no, it’s just bad). Hope for this movie being any good then? It’s dwindling rapidly.

[via /Film]

Matthew Razak
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