Dead Rising movie gets a director


Wait, did we ever get around to telling you all there’s a film based on the almost popular Dead Rising videogames in the works? You think we’re ready for the zombie parade again? If there’s any good zombie idea, it’s how Dead Rising has one man vs. 1000 in wacky outfits, so maybe it’ll translate well to screen even if the games are dreadfully boring themselves. 

Well for some reason this is happening, so now the film has a director. Zack Lipowski (who’s currently working on Leprechaun: Origins). There are no other details like story, or which game it might be adapted from, but it’s being written by the man who wrote the Mortal Kombat: Legacy series. But it’s going to debut on Crackle first before hitting DVD and VOD. So…I’m not optimistic. But to everyone’s credit, they’re aiming low. 

[via /Film]