Deadpool cartoon may still be happening but no Donald Glover


Donald Glover’s Deadpool cartoon would have been amazing. Sure, we didn’t see anything of it aside from a test and Glover’s hilarious takedown of its cancellation but I can guarantee it would have been the best. Sadly, we don’t get nice things, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have OK things.

According to Rob Leifeld, co-creator of the Merc With a Mouth, the animated Deadpool series may still happen. He told Nerdist that he didn’t have insider information, but that execs at Marvel had told him not to worry, he would be getting a Deadpool cartoon. I didn’t actually know that Leifeld was worried about the lack of a Deadpool cartoon but I’m very happy to hear that he doesn’t need to be worried about it anymore.

This, of course, is no confirmation at all that the show will indeed happen. However, it is interesting that they’re still hoping to make one. The real question is, what kind of show do they plan on making? Obviously, the subversive version that Glover was working on wasn’t what they wanted and with Disney taking over you have to wonder if they want anything adult at all. That wouldn’t jive very well with the overall MCU, but Deadpool is just begging for an adult animated series that can play with the violence and humor of the character. Then again, I could see a sort of Freakazoid-style, kid-friendly Deadpool working.

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Matthew Razak
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