Dear God, there’s another Cat in the Hat movie coming


Illumination Entertainment, producers of the Lorax adaptation and Despicable Me, has set their sights on the previously-adapted Dr. Seuss masterpiece The Cat in the Hat for a CGI feature. We’ll not soon forget the abject terror that Mike Meyers vehicle inspired in us, as a grown man who trussed himself up like a furry and nearly rape-murdered two adorable children, were it not for the timely involvement of Alec Baldwin. So really, at this point, anything’s going to be at least a little bit better than that.

I actually didn’t know that Dr. Seuss’ widow, Audrey Geisel, was involved with Illumination and, as such, will be heavily involved in this film as well. While The Lorax being used to sell SUVs is horrid, Ms. Geisel was heavily against the awful Mike Meyers film, so at least she knows TRUE crap when she sees it. The film will release sometime after the upcoming Despicable Me 2, so I’d suppose we’re looking at 2014 and beyond here.

[Via Collider, thanks Kristina!]