Death Note film gets kickass director


If you’re not aware the American adaptation of Death Note, a manga about a kid finding a book that magically kills people when you write their name in it, has been floating around for quite some time. The last we heard of this project, Shane Black was attached to direct about four years ago. So hopefully with a new director on board the project can finally move forward. And that newest director? The totally kickass Adam Wingard. 

Adam Wingard is known for both The Guest and You’re Next, two of the most inventive horror films in some time. Though he’ll be working on Death Note without his partner Simon Barrett, I’m sure it’ll still be great. But he won’t be taking on Death Note until his latest project, The Woods, is wrapped. 

I’ve finally finished the manga some time ago, and it’s pretty good up until the time jump. Hopefully this newest version can bring something different to the table that the numerous anime and films already available don’t. 

[via THR]