Del Toro’s Pacific Rim a beautiful poem to giant monsters


Guillermo Del Toro started production on Pacific Rim earlier this week. The film involves destructive creatures emerging from a vortex out in the Pacific, which means that guys in giant robot suits need to stop them. (Your inner 10-year-old just nodded in approval and high-fived you.) In a recent interview with Wired, Del Toro commented:

We are working with actors that I absolutely adore. Idris Elba, Charlie Day, Charlie Hunnam, Ron Perlman. It’s really, it’s a very, very beautiful poem to giant monsters. Giant monsters versus giant robots. Twenty-five-story-high robots beating the crap out of 25-story-high monsters. We’re trying to create a world in which the characters are real and how it would affect our world politically, how it would affect the landscape if creatures like this really came out of the sea.

Del Toro also discussed the idea of multiplatform storytelling, saying, “People still think of videogames, or novels, or comic books, or internet as things that support the movie or spin off of the movie, when in reality they are tools to create the universe of that particular movie. It’s a single universe, and you need to think about it like that.” Makes me wonder what Del Toro thinks of Rubicon (the forthcoming Seven Samurai remake) and their approach to this.

There’s much more discussed in the full interview, including the development of his video game inSane, the last book of The Strain Trilogy (co-authored with Chuck Hogan), and his views on the folklore of vampirism.

[Via Wired]

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