Del Toro set to direct Beauty and the Beast


Warner Bros. has been working out the details for a new version of Beauty and the Beast, and Guillermo del Toro will officially be directing. This take on the fairy tale will be a period piece, so I’m preemptively calling a Costume Design Oscar. Andrew Davies, the man behind the writing of Bridget Jones’s Diary and its horrendous sequel, has been hired to write the script for Beauty and the Beast, and Emma Watson of Harry Potter fame is in final talks to play the lead role. Given her experience romancing a ginger on screen, falling in love with a horrific monster should be a breeze for her.

Given del Toro’s previous work, one would hope that he will focus on the darker themes of this tale as old as time, giving us something there that wasn’t there before. It’s an undertaking roughly the size of a barge, but del Toro has the skills to kill the beast.

[Via Variety]