Deleted scene from Lilo & Stitch features racist tourists


If I had to name my top three Disney animated films, Lilo and Stitch would definitely be one of them. There was always something so dangerously cute happening between both Lilo and her pet/alien monster Stitch that always made my day. What I liked especially was it’s easy going nature and cool vibe.

Today, “the list of things I’ve heard now contains everything.” In this deleted and unfinished scene that sprung up over YouTube from Lilo and Stitch, Lilo deals with prejudice from visiting tourists. Words like “native” are thrown around in a way that doesn’t gel with the Lilo and Stitch I remember. It’s a weird tone that offsets the rest of the picture’s vibe, so I’m glad it ended up being taken out. I don’t know, maybe I’m just a little rattled seeing one of my favorite films differently than before. What do you all think about this? 

[Buzzfeed, via io9]