Denis Leary joins Spider-Man


In yet another bizarre casting choice for the upcoming Spider-Man reboot, Denis Leary has joined the project. The Rescue Me actor will portray the white-haired and slender Captain Stacy, who always did look a bit old to be the father of High-Schooler Gwen. If you’re not familiar with the character’s appearance, recall James Cromwell from the Raimi attempt.

What’s going on with this thing? Martin Sheen and Sally Fields as Ben and May, the spaced out comedian Rhys Ifans for biologist Curt Connors, and famously raspy voiced redhead Emma Stone as sweetheart Gwen Stacy instead of the famously redheaded cancerstickoholic MJ Watson.

I feel like Sasha Grey has more in common with that character.

Hey, I never pictured a genuine Spidey flick from the second-time director Marc Webb of weaksauce (500) Days of Summer but this whole thing feels like it’s spiraling.

Ah, whatever. I do love Rescue Me, so Denis Leary making the jump from FDNY to NYPD will be fun, even if the only other entertainment will be watching it crash and burn just like Broadway’s perpetually delayed musical: Turn off the Darkness.