Denis Leary quit Rescue Me for Spider-Man

[Note: I’m taking him on his word but the end of Rescue Me was announced a full year before Leary was cast in The Amazing Spider-Man.]

Actor/comedian Denis Leary gave a brief interview to The Daily Show last night and cited the upcoming superhero reboot The Amazing Spider-Man as his reason for departing from his Emmy nominated show.

“I wanted to ride that baby as long as I could. Listen, I didn’t know I was gonna get Spider-Man. Now I’m gonna ride that one into the ground. I got Spider-Man so I quit Rescue Me.”

But why would the role of Captain Stacy require the actor to leave his bread, butter, and bait for Emmys? We have to assume that, if not in the 2012 film The Amazing Spider-Man, Leary’s role is set to play a crucial role in the reboot series as a whole.

Look, Denis Leary is fantastic and Rescue Me was running on fumes anyway, but I’m an even bigger fan of Gary Oldman and it still bothered me that The Dark Knight seemed only partially committed to The Batman in its story. That film juggled mayors, district attorneys, police commissioners, corrupt cops, citizens, prison inmates, Japanese accountants, and the criminal underworld before I realized I was really watching a pretty decent movie about Gotham, minus the goth.

Here’s hoping Andrew Garfield isn’t the end credits surprise in Captain Stacy: The Motion Picture.

[Via The Daily Show, July 11th, 2011]