Denzel Washington likes it bad, will prove it in Flight


Denzel Washington is a pretty amazing actor. He has proved it time and time again, and he will hopefully prove it again when Safe House is released next week. In the meantime, he has given some information about his character in the upcoming Robert Zemeckis film, Flight. After being asked at a Safe House press conference whether playing a bad guy is more fun, Washington had this to say:

The next picture I’m in, will come out at the end of this year beginning of next year is called Flight, and I play a alcoholic, drug-addicted pilot, and I crash a plane, but save a lot of lives. It’s the most intense film I’ve done, probably in 20 years. I guess it’s cliché to say that the bad guy has more fun cause you can say anything, get away with anything, sometimes the good guy is sort of trapped, because “Oh you can’t say that.” And even when you’re playing a real person…, you’re sort of stuck. So… yeah, it is more fun.

To be perfectly honest, the wording of his statement confuses me a bit. Is he playing a bad guy? It kind of sounds like he’s bad, at least at the beginning, but he saves a bunch of people’s lives. Maybe he does it by accident? I have no idea. Either way, if it’s his most intense film in years, then it’s going to be one hell of a ride.