Denzel Washington to star in Magnificent Seven remake


A remake of The Magnificent Seven has been in the works for years now with Tom Cruise at one point attached (maybe he still is). But with Tarantino getting ready to drop The Hateful Eight, a Tarantino homage to that very film, and no progress on the project it was hard to get excited. Get excited now. Antoine Fuqua, director of Training Day and the surprisingly buzzed about Equalizer, has taken the lead with Denzel Washington to star. Yea, things just got interesting. 

Others rumored for the film have been Matt Damon, Morgan Freeman and Kevin Costner and considering there are seven shoes to fill they could all actually still be involved. That would be one hell of  cast. It’s unclear when we’ll get this film as Denzel and Fuqua are already signed on for a sequel to The Equalizer so they may have to make that first. 

[via /Film

Matthew Razak
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