Denzel Washington turned down Fast & Furious 7 role


Now that Fast & Furious franchise is bigger than most franchises (and is now pulling in big action heroes to join the series), you’d figure anyone is fair game, right? Well it’s not big enough for Denzel Washington. According to Deadline, he was offered a role in Fast Se7en, but coldly turned it down: 

The studio is now looking for another big star to join the next film in a small role and then be a big part of the film that follows. Denzel Washington just turned down that opportunity, but they’ll undoubtedly get somebody important by the time The Conjuring helmer James Wan starts shooting the seventh film.

I wish this little bit went into more detail, but I assume the film is casting for a “big bad guy” role because someone has to be in charge of all of these guys. It would’ve been cool if John Q were in the film, but maybe now we could get someone cooler. 

[via Deadline]