Despite all logic, Boondock Saints 3 may be happening


The Boondock Saints is a deeply stupid yet occasionally entertaining Tarantino rip-off(“There was a FIREFIIIIIIIIGHT!”). Its sequel is pretty much the most godawful thing imaginable. According to star Norman Reedus, Troy Duffy and the gang are gearing up for a threequel and are meeting as we speak to hammer out story details. Most likely, it’ll probably wind up dealing with the Saints’ new Catholic Church-funded vigilante agency. Maybe it’ll be like Angel for the Irish?

This is most likely a very bad idea. The well was clearly dry when Boondock Saints 2 came into being, and I truly believe that Troy Duffy has no legitimately original ideas left in his head (if he ever had any). With the financial failure of the sequel, it seems unlikely that a third film will get the funding it needs, but perhaps there’ll be just enough cult love of the original still around to make it happen.

As usual, every time I read Boondock Saints, I just wish it had something to do with The Boondocks.

[Via First Showing]