Details on Penn Jillette crowdfunded film Director’s Cut

Penn Jillette's Director's Cut - FundAnything Campaign Video

Last week we reported that Penn Jillette is going to crowdfund a film called Director’s Cut. The FundAnything campaign launched today with the video embedded above, dropping a few details about the film and what to expect.

Written by Jillette and to be directed by Adam Rifkin (The Chase, Look), Director’s Cut will feature a movie within a movie and star Jillette as a psychotic bad guy. Based on the video, there’s a torture porn vibe, but it may be subverted in some way with the meta-narrative.

Jillette is looking for roughly $1 million, and as of this writing, the project has raised just north of $155,000. Funding incentives include access to the full script, a DVD or Blu-ray, a special mystery goodie bag, VIP tix to the Penn and Teller magic show in Vegas, hanging out with Jillette at his home, Jillette answering your phone calls for life, a red carpet invite, and Jillette officiating your wedding or renewal of wedding vows.

For more information about the crowdfunding campaign, visit What do you think of Penn Jillette crowdfunding Director’s Cut?

Hubert Vigilla
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