Details on Rubicon, the remake of Seven Samurai


Some details have emerged about Christopher McQuarrie’s remake of Seven Samurai. McQuarrie will be writing, directing, and co-producing the film, which will be called Rubicon. (No doubt a reference to the idiom “crossing the Rubicon,” which refers to a point of no return.) Like The Magnificent Seven, the basic idea of Seven Samurai will be transplanted into a different time and place. Rubicon will focus on a team of Navy SEALs fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan.

In addition, a Rubicon video game and graphic novel will be released at the same time as the film. There are some indications that the film, the video game, and the graphic novel will each address different facets of the larger storyline. No word yet on Rubicon the t-shirt, Rubicon the coloring book, Rubicon the lunch box, Rubicon the breakfast cereal, or Rubicon the flame thrower.

McQuarrie’s brother Mark, who commanded an actual SEAL team, will co-produce the film along with Dan Capel, a founding member of SEAL Team Six. I’ve included a cool piece of promotional art for Rubicon as well as the obvious inspiration for the image in a handy-dandy gallery.

[Via Collider, Cinemablend]

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