Detective Pikachu movie catches a director


After a secret, yet massive bidding war, Legendary won the rights to produce a Pokemon related film. So they began moving forward with an adaptation of Great Detective Pikachu, a CG/live-action hybrid where a talking Pikachu solves Pokemon related crimes. And now they have a director. 

Deadline reports Legendary has tapped Rob Letterman (Goosebumps, Monsters vs. Aliens) to direct the upcoming film. And this is a surprisingly competent choice. The Goosebumps reboot, while not great, is pretty entertaining. You can watch it on Netflix right now, too. I’ll also always defend Monsters vs. Aliens. That film got no love and should’ve been the start of a cool Monsters vs. franchise. 

There’s no additional information as of yet, but expect more info in the next few months seeing as how fast Legendary is moving with this. Hopefully Danny Devito gets to voice Pikachu.

[via Deadline]