Devil May Cry will join Adi Shankar’s Castlevania television show universe


Castlevania executive producer Adi Shankar has told IGN that he has acquired the adaptation rights for the Devil May Cry franchise and that the two properties will be part of a multiverse of his own creation. Shankar also thanks fans for the positive reception for Castlevania season 2 on Netflix, which he credits for a quick third season renewal. Shankar is calling this multiverse project a “bootleg multiverse.”

A bit of a strange title if you ask me, since Shankar emphasizes that he legally has the rights. As he tells IGN, he “acquired these [Devil May Cry] rights [himself] so the jabronis in Hollywood don’t f*** this one up too.” In case you don’t recognize this non-jabroni from anything outside of Castlevania, Shankar is also responsible for “Bootleg Universe” short films based on The Punisher (with Thomas Jane), Venom, and Power Rangers.

There aren’t too many details for this Devil May Cry project—presumably, it will be an animated television series like Castlevania, but it hasn’t been confirmed whether or not this will stream on Netflix like that show. Personally, Shankar has produced mixed results in my eyes, but I liked what I’ve seen of Castlevania, and the word of mouth will probably have me binge the rest of the series at some point.

It’s a bizarre idea for sure, and some are quick to point out that a Devil May Cry anime series has already been made. But hey, both universes have monsters and whatnot, so I guess technically this could work? All they need is a transforming Russell Crowe from the Dark Universe and we’re all set.

Write that idea down, Hollywood jabronis.

Devil May Cry Series Joins Castlevania in New Multiverse from Adi Shankar [IGN]