Dictator (Sacha Baron Cohen) attacks The Academy

Admiral General Aladeen - Today Show Appearance

And so continues the peculiar hullabaloo over The Academy’s semi-ban on Sacha Baron Cohen for this weekend’s Oscar ceremony. Today Cohen released the above video (in character as General Aladeen) as a response to the mishegoss.

Let me get this straight. The Academy didn’t want Cohen to promote his new film in character on the red carpet and threatened to ban him, which led to Cohen creating this response video about the potential ceremony ban, thus allowing Cohen to promote his new film by being in character. Okay, kids, it’s done now. Drop it and apologize. Let’s just get on with the red carpet thing so Joan Rivers and her daughter can pay the bills. (I hope Cohen shows up dressed like his character from Hugo.)

In addition to the video above, two new portraits of General Aladeen were released not too long ago. We’ve got these majestic pictures in the gallery.

[Via The Playlist]

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