Did Tom Hanks just announce Toy Story 4?


During an interview with the BBC’s Breakfast News, Tom Hanks rather flippantly dropped a bombshell. When asked if a Toy Story 4 would ever happen he said, “I think there will be yeah. Yeah, yeah. They’re working on it now. There you go.” Normally, I’d take this as an enthusiastic actor calling a single, exploratory development meeting as proof positive the film is incoming, but this is Tom Hanks. President of the A List. Mr. Big. He probably knows where all us Flixist editors live and is planning on sending assassins because some of us spoke ill of Toy Story 3. If anyone other than Pixar’s top people know that Toy Story 4 is coming, it’s him.

That said, I also remember the constant shouting that Toy Story 3 was the end of the franchise, as feature films go. That certainly makes sense, given the film’s resoundingly-conclusive…conclusion. If there’s a Toy Story 4, I can’t see it happening with the original group of toys. A different kid’s different toys, maybe, but Woody and Buzz’s adventures should be over on the silver screen.

Do you think Tom Hanks is talking out his expensive butt, or is Toy Story 4 really happening right under our feet?

[Via Bleeding Cool]