Die Hard 6 may be a prequel


The moment A Good Day to Die Hard landed people were already talking about a sixth installment in the franchise. Then it kind of sucked and people hoped that Fox would let this franchise drift off as it probably should have after Die Hard with a Vengeance and definitely after Live Free or Die Hard. No such luck, cowboy.

Deadline is reporting that Fox is moving forward with Die Hard 6 and they’re looking to make it a prequel with Bruce Willis sharing screen time with a younger version of himself. The studio is working on a deal to bring back Len Wiseman, who magically nailed Live Free or Die Hard, and he is looking to get a screenplay written. Purportedly, the film, which is tentatively called Die Hard Year One, will be a reboot of sorts that still allows Willis to return to the role, basically book ending a film that will take place in 1979 and show us a John McClane in New York City who is just becoming a man who dies hard.

I can’t say I’m too enthusiastic about this one. McClane is Willis and it seems wrong to try to recapture that every man magic that he brought to the role with anyone else. Of course I have no say in this so the project seems to be moving forward pretty aggressively and there are plenty of writers out there who would love the chance to pen the next great McClane one-liner.

At least we’ll always have Christmas and Valentines Day

Matthew Razak
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