Die Hard Valentine’s Day cards


Valentine’s Day is an odd release date for A Good Day to Die Hard. Maybe Russian Orthodox Christmas on January 7th was too early. Regardless, we think the makers of A Good Day to Die Hard should have totally owned today’s date with special promotions, tie-ins, and merchandise.

Like Die Hard-themed Valentine’s Day cards.

If you haven’t gotten your Valentine anything yet, don’t worry. The Flixist editors have created these 13 Die Hard Valentine’s Day cards that elegantly capture the beauty, romance, desperation, and crass commercialism of this special time of year. We’ve even set them up in sheets just like the cards you gave out in elementary school.

Check out the Valentine’s Day cards in the gallery. For higher-res versions of the Valentine card sheets, click here for sheet 1, click here for sheet 2, and click here for sheet 2.1 (ultra-rare variant and obvious collector’s item). Feel free to create your own Die Hard Valentines and share them in the comments.

A very special yippee ki-yay goes to my friend Jake Thomas, who helped inspire this feature and these cards during a Die Hard-related exchange on Facebook yesterday.

Hubert Vigilla
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