Die Homer is the craziest ‘Die Hard’ comic you will read all day


Something about the ubiquity of The Simpsons lends itself to some weird post-modern fan creations, such as the popular Bartkira project. Recently, one of the more noteworthy projects has been the independent comic, Die Homer, a graphic retelling of the classic Fox holiday film, Die Hard.

Except in this version, John McClane has been replaced with Homer Simpson and every other character is… well, an assortment of various pop culture icons ranging from Sonic the Hedgehog, to Moomin, to Scrooge McDuck. It’s true madcap insanity and its just as hilarious as it is ingenious.

The artist, Tyler Hutchinson, originally gave out the comic at the Small Press Expo previously, but is actually looking towards Kickstarter to get some supplies to print off more copies of Die Homer to give away. You can already read the comic online now, so if you like what you see, consider throwing some money towards supporting the project.