Dig these silky Spider-threads


Because spider webs and silk DO YOU GET IT.

Ahem. In the gallery below, you can find the newest closeups of Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man in next year’s reboot The Amazing Spider-Man. Not looking good, really. These are official shots, mind, so there’s no excuses for bad stunt suits or anything. I straight don’t like the look of the suit. It looks like he stitched together a bunch of leftover bike tires. I know that the suit is supposed to be homemade, but that’s no excuse for something that just straight looks bad. That’s the whole point of suspension of disbelief. We agree to believe that Peter Parker did make this suit in his room, maybe with some science material, since he’s a scientific genius, but if the suit looks crappy, even for the sake of the narrative, that’s just bad. If it’s supposed to look bad, I’d expect it to look more like Tobey Maguire’s first suit in Spider-Man, not like rubber dyed red and blue.

Also, in regards to my header, Jay Pinkerton’s Spider-Man comics remain one of the best things on the internet, even seven years later. No wonder he wound up writing on Portal 2.

[Update: Found a bunch more pictures from Filmdrunk, including a pre-scaly shot of Dr. Curt Connors (Rhys Ifans), who will become The Lizard. They’re in the gallery. The suit still looks like crap.] [Via Screen Rant, via io9]