Director Matt Reeves clarifies previous statement, says The Batman is part of DCEU


Remember earlier in the day when we reported that The Batman isn’t part of the DCEU? Turns out that The Batman really is part of the DCEU. Director Matt Reeves’ wording made it seem like it would not be part of the DCEU; the non-DCEU Joker origin movie from Todd Philips and Martin Scorsese probably fueled this whole rigmarole as well.

Reeves took to Twitter earlier this afternoon to set the record straight.

So there you go. It was just a misunderstanding based on phrasing and wording. Nothing to worry about. Reeves will do his Batman movie, and he won’t have to worry about setting up other movies, DCEU cameos, and other kinds of shared universe headaches.

So it looks like The Batman is the DCEU Batman that the DCEU deserves.

Still no word about Ben Affleck’s involvement, though.

[via /Film]
Hubert Vigilla
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